"Pomáháme dětem na jejich cestě za vzděláním."

"Helping children on their educational journey."


Comenius School in the United Kingdom is a non-profit organization which promotes and supports the education of Czech & Slovak children who are living in the UK. We teach them Czech language, Czech History, and Geography as part of Czech heritage.

What distinguishes this project from the similar ones is that teaching is arranged in the children´s local schools in the afternoons. This approach helps the children to develop knowledge of their Czech heritage e.g. Czech language, History, Geography and current affairs. This can enrich their mother tongue and increase their chances of continuing their education in the Czech Republic.

We opened Czech School in Hovingham Primary in Leeds on 15th September 2016. We also run Czech School every Tuesday from 3.30 pm to 5 pm and every Saturday from 10.30 am to 2 pm in Lincoln Green Centre.

This project is didactically and pedagogically backed by University


This project involves the following organizations:

LEEDS City Council, Charles University, Erasmus +, MŠMT ČR, MZV ČR, University of Hradec Králové,  Outwood Academy City Fields

Comenius School UK  is registered and approved supplementary school by Leeds City Council and Czech Embassy London

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