"Pomáháme dětem na jejich cestě za vzděláním."

"Helping children on their educational journey."



Dne 15.9. 2016 proběhlo slavnostní zahájení Comenius School UK v Hovingham Primary School v Leedsu.

Zahájení se účastnila zástupkyně české ambasády, paní Jana Čechlovská a také profesoři z Univerzity Jana Evangelisty Purkyně v Ústí nad Labem, kteří zároveň podpořili své studentky, budoucí paní učitelky, které nyní pracují v projektu Comenius School UK v Hovingham Primary School.

Záznam slavnostního slova Dr.Šteklové u příležitosti zahájení Comenius School in Hovingham Primary School: (Anglicky)

Dr. Steklova speech at the grand opening of the Comeius School UK in Hovingham Primary School:

"Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the University Jana Evangelisty Purkyně in Ústí nad Labem, let me say it was a privilege for our team to have the wonderful opportunity and be present at the opening of the project Comenius School UK. Our university is very much interested to be part of the project and Comenius School UK has full support of our Dean and the Vice-Dean Team.

Special „Thank you“ goes to the Hovingham Primary School Head teacher Kellie Halliday who opened the doors of the Hovingham Primary School and actually making it possible for the project to happen. We experienced enthusiasm and devotion of the Hovingham staff and at the same time we admired great progress of the Czech children in Hovingham. We can see and learn from the high level of focus at the child development, wellbeing and progress.

Let us express our gratitude to Tomas Kostecka, the head of Comenius School UK, who came up with the original idea of the Comenius School Project. His enormous effort and energy brings us to the partnership which may enrich many people´s lives in           a very positive way. Tomáš Kostečka made it possible for our two institutions to meet and to see the possible cooperation potential.

We believe we all are at the start of a wonderful project that will bring mutual profit to Czech children in the Comenius School UK project, the Hovingham Primary School and also to the students of University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně. Our students, future teachers, will be teaching within the Comenius School UK project, but at the same time they will get this wonderful and unique opportunity to observe, to practice, to include. We are expecting a big change in our school system in The Czech Republic, the separating education is about to change into the including system. The placement in Primary Schools in UK will provide our students with the training they need for the change to happen.

We wish all children at Comenius School and of course at all Hovingham Primary School good luck and great future! "

Comenius School UK  is registered and approved supplementary school by Leeds City Council and Czech Embassy London

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